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Since I got into the “slipper mode” a few weeks ago, I have been playing around with ideas to warm my cold feet.  The howling winds outside and the snow covering the ground, are constant reminded to get busy, so I forged ahead.

Tonight I finally finished my new design, for a partially felted slipper.  Why, partially?  Its sole and sides are felted, while the upper toe and instep area is twined knitted in wool.  The ankle and upper leg are ribbed, then the leg warmer cuff is knitted with a fun fur and 4 ply wool knitted together.  It will be after the holidays before I get the pattern written up, but thought you might like to see it anyway.

felted slipper with leg warmer cuff

The leg warmer section can be as long as you like.  I’ve already decided I will make this section about 12 inches, so I can pull it up when things get really cold; otherwise it just stacks neatly on the top of the foot.

felted slipper with leg warmer cuf 2 f

As you can see in the photo, I used two colors in the felted area, while using two strands of black in the sole.

Below is a peek at the felted section before the knitted upper toe and instep area was attached.

felted slipper before upper toe attached

I felted this by hand, leaving the circle needle cords in the finishing stitches.

It was a fun project.


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Just recently finished- yes I said “FINISHED,” another Mock Tyrolean for  my grandson’s birthday.  He is an avid hunter, and this hat was a special request.  I used Patton’s Classic Wool with the Camo colors.    Just thought I would let you see the results.  This multi-colored affect really shows off the closure for this design.

The picture above shows how the closure lays out when finished with steam.

I have another idea floating around in my brain for this hat, but it will have to wait till after the holidays.  Hummmm?????  Maybe a double knit?  Hummmm..??? Maybe…..

Maybe I need to finish up the projects in my five gallon bucket.  Two down, and two to go!

Happy knitting- KT

PS:  My 90 year old mom was here today and had to model my hat.  Here  are her suggestions-

Bill down!

Bill up!

She personally likes the idea of the movable bill, so she can shape the hat the way she wants.  Of course, the color isn’t her cup of tea.  She would prefer grey- light grey, that is.   Anyway, she put  her stamp of approval on it before she left.

Thanks mom!!!

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Yes, my “Going to the Dog Socks” pattern is done and setting on the self of my Etsy store.  The pattern includes, fitted right/left toe; a simple 2 by 2 rib on the instep; my short row neat and sweet heel, a double knit picture panel and the smooth finish of an invisible bind off.

  Why the double knit picture panel?  Double knitting is much more stretchy than Fair Isle knitting.  There are no floats to deal with and you don’t have to worry about the tension getting too tight.  And… besides, the best part is that there are no yarns to catch your toes on.  So,  just  for your viewing pleasure I have started a Video Tips page that includes a short clip on my way of  double knitting. There are lots of instructions on the web and YouTube.  Don’t be afraid to try it.

Get your pattern, here.



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I have been working on this pattern for the last few days and hope to have it ready soon.  Just thought I would let you have a peak, as it was requested some time ago.  Below is my dog “Sparky.”  I have immortalized him in yarn.

I purposefully worked this sample up in sport weight so you could see it better.  This TOE-up  pattern will include a fitted, right/left toe; short row heel (no wrap); double knit picture panel, and an invisible bind off-a professional looking finish.  I will include my doxie chart, and a couple of more doggies for you to choose from.

Have I wetted your appetite?  Hummmmmmm…………

Comming Soon!!!!


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As promised, I have finally finish the pattern for the recessed crown version of my Tyrolean Hat.  It has been fun.  What I like about making this hat the most is that it offers several techniques to keep you from being bored.  And… I get bored easily.

First,The crown of this very warm winter hat is formed with short rows, working one side of the oval at a time.  Next, you will be working in the round, as you set up the rib pattern that is used throughout the hat.  Thirdly, you will have the opportunity to work a short row shaping to form the extended brim in the back of the hat.   All that, and then you get to do some needle gymnastics to join the brim sections together before you knit the inside cap that is used to retain the crown shape and rise.  All this makes it an interesting knit.  I think it looks pretty cool, too!!!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  Another interesting aspect of this pattern is that it uses two kinds of yarn, 3 ply worsted wool and fingering yarn.  The fingering yarn is used for the inside cap, which creates less bulk.

All the above versions offer many possibilities.  I am sure you will come up with many of your own.You can find the PDF pattern for this hat on the Pattern Catalog page.


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I know that I have been gone a long time, but, my time has not been wasted.  I was fortunate enough to spend time with my creative brother, who has come to love knitting.  Our time together was very productive.  We developed shortcuts, a bag of “fix it” tricks for knitter’s, a pattern for Tabi socks and lastly 2 new hat patterns.  And, to top it off, we fingered out a way to alter a cheap Styrofoam Wig head to replicate our individual head measurements.  So without further ado, here’s my brother Wayne, sporting his new look.

Here are some pics of his Mock Tyrolean Hat-

This ribbed  hat pattern, knit from the bottom up, includes three versions, all with visors, and 2 crown designs, and, unlike a lot of hat patterns, this one is not a beannie.

Here is my version, with the flatter crown.

My grandson says this will make a perfect hunting hat, as the back folds down to cover his ears and neck.  ” I want one in Camo.”

This pattern is available in my Etsy store.

Here is a sneak peak at my next hat pattern offering-

I call this one a Mock Tyrolean with recessed crown.  I have had lots of compliments on it.  Hope you like it.

Now, before I forget it, I have a free pdf that shows you how to alter a Styrofoam wig head to use for designing your own hats.

a wig head for hats

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