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This giant Morpho butterfly is part of another butterfly ring. The photo above is the top side. The photo below is the bottom side.

This spectacular butterfly has two distinct sides. As a result each side has to be made separately. As you can see in the photo above on the right, I am in the process of making the mirror image of the bottom left wing.

All the work is a combo of my Basket Weave crochet stitch, the detail is done with needle tatting, and the closure is the simple blanket stitch. The beauty of the Basket Weave Stitch is that it lies flat, and can be made the base for all sorts of decorative stitches, as well as paints. The white you see on the left finished underside, is simply acrylic paint.

Some think I am a bit “nuts” for doing this detailed work, but it brings me great joy.

Just sharing- KT

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