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Most of us are familiar with the needles and hooks of crocheting and knitting, but some of the best tools are those that help us “see” what is going on between our “stix and strings.” Because this subject is often neglected until we reach our mature years, I thought it might be useful to share my discovery in this area.

Since I am currently working with size 80 threads, and size .60-.90 hooks, my best “buddy” has become my pair of CraftOptic glasses, with an attached “Dream Beam” light.



Why, special glasses-

  1. Takes strain off eyes
  2. Takes strain off neck
  3. Helps with hiding the ends more efficiently
  4. Makes the project much more fun and less work.

These wonderful glasses are prescription lenses, with telescopes built on the glasses that can be lifted at any time. The Dream Beam, has a high and low setting.

Monarch Butterfly

When I am using the metallic threads of gold, I use the low setting, as it keep the glare of the thread down. When I work with the #80 black, I use the high setting, and I can see every stitch.

This gives you an idea of the size of the wing.

I absolutely could not do this comfortably without these glasses.

Check them out for yourself-just click on the link above opposite the first picture.

Yes, they are not cheap, but they are worth every dime I spent, and the staff has been great, and very helpful. Once you purchase the glasses, they will change the prescription for reasonable fee.

Hope this post is helpful- KT

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