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A Non-knitting Project

I just had to share the project that I worked on today.  As a bit of background, my husband and I eat  basically low carb, and I am always trying to come up with new ways to” have our cake and eat it too.”  That said, my husband is a hamburger lover and he really feels deprived when he has to go without.  So….. to remedy the problem, I have come up with a hamburger bun recipe that has but 2 carbs.  Below is a peek at the result.


I have created a PDF recipe for you to upload if you desire.

J’s Low Carb Hamburger Buns

I have to tell you that he was really impressed.  They are light, tasty, and stay together well, even with a juicy piece of hamburger, onion, fresh home grown tomatoes, and the works resting between the layers.  They, of course, cut easily with a bread knife.  I have also used them to make open face grilled cheese, and tuna sandwiches.

I hope you enjoy them.

Now I can go back to knitting his socks. 🙂


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