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Better Late than Never

I don’t think it’s ever to late to say thanks.  So after spending many hours, weeks, and even months on one pattern, my hat is off to all those before me who have done yoman’s work in producing patterns for knitting.  Like many, I have formed the habit of  looking for the “free” stuff-but no more. I realize now, that unless you have done it, it is hard to appreciate the work that goes into producing a pattern; but once you have attempted it, believe me, just like mine, your attitude will change. 

Having written instructions materials before, i.e. handbells music instructions,plays, musicals and craft tutorials, etc., I thought this would be a snap – wrong.  Nothing had prepared me for the demands of this project. 

First, like in everything, we assume to much, and quite often don’t communicate well.  The first thing I encountered was  knitting terminology.  In my “knitting backwards” tutorial, I had about 40 responses, some telling me I was right in my use of the term, some telling me I was wrong; conclusion- it depends on where you live, and who you learned your knitting from, or, if your are lefthanded or not.   The bottom line was that people in different parts of the world often use different terms to describe a move or a stitch.  “It’s the way Grandma showed me.”

Secondly, it is a flaw in our present culture that we seem to want everything given to us-we want it free and easy.  But, that not exactly new, as the artisans of Rome in Cicero’s day, suffered the same fate as the creatives minds of today.

So, the next time you cringe at the price of a pattern, take a deep breath, and consider the hours of work that went into it (by the way, that includes sleepless nights, missed lunches, aching backs, from sitting at the computer, charting one stitch at a time- you get the picture).  There is no way to caluate an hourly wage on the creative process, and even if you could,  I assure you, none of us could afford it.

Something to think about-


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I have just completed my first two Needlepoint Knitting pillow designs.  Tropicana Rose is available as a PDF download on my new page, entitled ” Free Pattern Catalogue.”

  Tropicana Rose Pillow


This pattern offers the experienced knitter a few challenges, yet provides great fun at the same time-at least it did for me.

In the photo above you get a peak at the back of the pillow, without the fringe. This is just one of the options of this design.

Here it is fresh off the needles.

Just click on “The Design Gallery” at the top of the page.



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As I promised a while back, I have been working on a tutorial that gives you the process of how to work with the Cable Chains to make a diamond pattern on a flat surface.  Why?  This great little stitch opens a world of possiblities for design.  Once learned, this particular pattern can be applied to sweaters, scarves, socks-  you name it. 

 I am in the process of developing a line of 16 inch  pillow designs using these and various other unusual stitches.  When I am ready, which I hope will be soon,  I will add a page entitled “The Design Gallery.”  If you are interested, you will be able to check there for the available patterns and contact me directly if  you wish to purchase one.   All the tutorials for these designs will be free.

This offering is a practice piece, similar to the Wandering Chains tutorial,  accept that it is a little more complex, and it is more geared toward the other designs I have in mind. 

 I don’t know if you checked out my post on ” Painting with Yarn,” but if you have, you saw the Iris Motif I designed.  That particular piece is one that will be included in my pillow collection. 


Also, included in this collection, will be my Tropicana Rose design, pictured on the left.

For now, we will call this offering an introductory sample.  or….., perhaps, something to peak your creative juices.   Or….. , well….. something like that!

I hope you like it.  One more thing-you don’t have to do the letter in the middle, you could put whatever you like in it’s place.

 I have included a chart  in the tutorial, that will give you a visual layout, and have tried my best to walk you through the process with pictures and illustrations, along with written  instructions, row by row.   Fell free to download and print it off.

Cable Chain Tutorial and Chart 

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