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Having completed the body of my grandson’s Ski sweater, I decided to knit both sleeves at the same time. One of the issues that comes up when doing this is that the underarm increases need to be handy, but also needed to be where I wouldn’t be dealing with “ladders, ” a frequent an issue when knitting in the round.

I solved this problem by moving the stitches so that the seam area was in the middle of the needle,with a marker at the seam. I executed the increase with a YO, knit 1, move marker, then knit 1 YO. Attaching a stitch/row counter to the cuff starting tail, I began increasing as my pattern established.

This particular sweater is knitted with fingering yarn on size #3, 40 in circle needles.

By using this method to insert the increases, I have had no problems with “holes” or loose stitches.

Just thought I’s share.

I apologize for my tardiness in posting, but at age 80 I have taken up studying the violin. I am having so much fun, and Mutes are a God send. 🙂

Happy knitting- KT

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