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A few adjustments to the bottom wings and we are good to go.

This has been quite an undertaking, but well worth my time. The entire project was made using the Basketweave stitch. I used a 12 by 15 styrofoam cooler to send it in, as it gave all the elements plenty of room to move without being crushed, and the ring was safely wedged to the inside recess designed for the lid. My son said it arrived in perfect shape.

Now it is time to make one for my daughter. The next one with be a giant Morpho. Their iridescent blue top and pattern underside make for an interesting challenge. Their wing span of 8 inches also make them more doable, especially in the ten inch ring.

This is definitely going to be a fun project. As always I start with a graphic of what I have in mind. Unlike the first Morpho, which was done in regular crochet stitches, this one will be done with the Basketweave stitch.

The above image is just for starters, but at least it gives me a reference as to size and shape.

Wish me patience!!!


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