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While working on a pattern for a Tabi Sock Pattern, I began to think about all the different foot shapes, heel shapes and variables there are in making a custom fitted sock.   I was especially thinking of those I know that have difficulty in finding socks that fit them.   Some just have unusual foot shapes, while others have had to deal with medical issues.  The bottom line is that they should have socks that fit them, too.  So where do they go – hummmmmm??????  Who can make socks to fit them?????

Well, to me it is a challenge, one that is definitely worthy of my time and effort.  So to that end I have put together a short illustrated tutorial to give you some ideas you might consider in designing your own custom socks, or perhaps designing some for that friend who can’t seem to find the “right” fit.  This offering is one that will be updated as I deal with different issues, but for now it covers the basics.

Below is a picture of the Toe-Up Tabi Socks my brother and I designed when I was in California.  His foot is a bit unusual as he has a second toe that extends way beyond the big toe.  He also has a very narrow heel and ankle.

 You will also notice that his toes set at an extreme angle, and the base of the little toe is well below the base of the big toe.

All these challenges were resolved by starting each section with the proper measurements,  knitting a Toe-Cap, and finally, shaping each section to fit his foot.  This process is described in Customizing Your Toe-up Socks

Have fun- Knit-tweaker

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