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As I was working on my current project I found myself have to rig up some kind of tension stablizer for working with my metallic threads. My solution?


By running my 2 threads through the head of the pin(which I can position anywhere), it helps keep them together and makes crocheting with them much more smooth.

As you can see above, I use double pointed needles for spool carriers. The thread on each spool is then fed through the top of the T-pin and positioned near the 2 spools. Next, I repeat the process and position the second T-pin near the edge of my working surface, hopefully freeing the threads from catching on any of my other “stuff.”

You can use as many as you like to get the job done.

I find this works rather well, so I wanted to share it with you before I forgot.

Happy knitted (or crocheting)


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