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I was looking over the clicks on my site the other day and noticed that the interest in what to do with leftover yarns was among the most frequent inquiries.  This got me to thinking- Oh God, look out, she’s at it again!!!!

But……seriously, it is a challenge when there’s not really enough to make anything worth while, but you don’t want to waste it.  For me, of course, it can be incorporated into my Needle Point knitting projects, but for others, that don’t care for that intensive color work, it can be a problem.

Needless to say, that within minutes of becoming aware of the issue, I happened to look down on my desk and wouldn’t you know it, there was the Double Knit Felted Chess board swatch I had made.  It was the perfect size for a coaster.

I believe this project would be a great way to use up your “wool” sock yarn.   Using  harmonizing colors, they would make a great gift.  The complete instructions for this project are included in my Felted Double Knit Chess board which you can upload from the pattern catalog page.  Download the coaster chart below.

Here is the chart Felted Coaster Pattern

Happy Knitting – KT

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